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Construction Management Bachelor's Degree

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  • Career Stat: $57,000 median salary for grad
  • Credits: 120 to graduate, including 30 for admission
  • Options: Also available as a minor and certificate
  • Accreditation: The program is accredited by ABET under the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission (ANSAC) criteria

What can I do with a construction management major?

A construction management major will increase your expertise in every stage of the construction process, from conception through creation. Whether you're a working professional or a full-time student, this degree will prepare you for a leadership role in construction.

You will improve your knowledge of current industry practices in:

  • design and construction technologies
  • estimating
  • contracts and specifications
  • project management
  • results measurement
  • quality assurance

In addition, you can choose one of five tracks:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Facility Management
  • Highway Heavy and Civil Works
  • Residential Construction

Take a Single Course

Don't want to commit to the entire degree? You can enroll for a single course as a nondegree student. Check out some of our popular facility and construction management courses.

Follow these registration steps.

    Requirements and Courses

    Students can apply to the program after completing some college credits (at least 30 for premajor and 45 for major status). See the Admission section for more information.

    You'll work with your advisor to construct a plan with 120 semester credits, including 86−89 within the major. All CMgt students take the same core courses plus select a track in one of the five areas below. 

    The curriculum has been designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to fill leadership roles in the construction or facility management industries. Read more about program outcomes and competencies.

    Nondegree Students: Not formally admitted to a U of M program? You can still take courses in this program.

    For detailed course information, visit the U of M Schedule Builder.

    These preparatory courses are not required for admission but are part of the major and should be taken early in the program. They will count toward your 120 credit total. When taken at the University, these preparatory courses include:

    • Microeconomics or Macroeconomics (ECON 1101 or 1102, or APEC 1101 or 1102)
    • English Composition (WRIT 1301 or 1401)
    • Technical Writing (ABUS 4023W, or WRIT 1001 or 3152W or 3562W, or PHYS 1101W or 1301W)
    • Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication (COMM 1101 or 1313W or 3402 or 3411, or WRIT 3257)
    • Financial Accounting (ACCT 2050)
    • Introduction to Construction (CMGT 3001W)
    • Introduction to Management (ABUS 4022 or MGMT 3001)

    The credit totals can also include the required courses for admission (see the Admission Requirements section) and the track preparatory courses.

    Track-specific Preparatory Courses

    Commercial and Highway/Heavy Tracks

    • Managing with Building Information Modeling (CMGT 4003)
      (AutoCAD for Construction Managers CMGT 2019 can substitute only if already taken)

    Environmental Health and Safety Track

    • Building Energy Systems (CMGT 4542)

    Facility Management Track

    • Facility Programming and Design (CMGT 3024W)

    • Management and Human Resources (ABUS 4104)

    Residential Track

    • Managing with Building Information Modeling (CMGT 4003)
      (AutoCAD for Construction Managers CMGT 2019 can substitute if already taken)

    • Materials & Structures (CMGT 4544) OR Statics & Dynamics (AEM 2021)

    All Construction Management majors take the same core courses:

    Course Name Credits Format
    Construction Documents and Contracts (CMGT 4011) 3 classroom/online alternate semesters
    Legal, Ethical, and Risk Issues for Managers (ABUS 4013W) 3 online
    Construction Planning and Scheduling (CMGT 4021) 3 classroom/online alternate semesters
    Construction Estimating (CMGT 4022) 3 classroom/online alternate semesters
    Construction Safety and Loss Control (CMGT 4031) 3 classroom
    Specifications and Technical Writing for Construction Professionals (CMGT 4041W) 3 classroom
    Construction Management Internship (CMGT 4196) 1 fieldwork
    Sustainability for Construction Managers (CMGT 4471) 2 online
    Construction Management Capstone (CMGT 4861) 3 classroom
    Accounting and Finance for Managers (ABUS 4101) 3 online
    Introduction to Marketing (ABUS 4701) OR Applied Digital Marketing (ABUS 4702) 3 online

    Learn more about each of our five tracks and what the career prospects might be.

    Your plan also will include Liberal Education and Writing Intensive requirements, plus lower division course work in math, physics, plan reading, economics, management, accounting, and communication.

    While you can transfer credits from other institutions, 30+ of your 120 credits (at a GPA of 2.0+) must be taken at the U of M, including 24 after admission; 18 must be construction science (contact an advisor for details).

    For more information about these requirements, visit One Stop.


    Fall Semester Application Deadline | Priority: February 1; Final: August 1
    Spring Semester Application Deadline | Priority: October 1; Final: December 1

    The Construction Management degree accepts applications from students with some college credits. You may apply at either premajor (30+ transferable credits amassed) or major (45+ transferable credits amassed) status.

    Current U of M Students: You can run a "what if" APAS report to see how your coursework might meet the construction management program requirements.

    Transfer Students: Sometimes foundation courses can be taken at another school, including community colleges.  

    Ready to see how your credits might transfer? Follow the Transferology guides to find a replacement course or determine how your coursework might transfer to the U of M.

    Find out more about transferring to CCAPS.

    Premajor Admission Criteria

    • 30+ transferable premajor credits
    • 2.5+ GPA
    • Demonstrated interest in the field

    Major Admission Criteria

    • 45+ transferable premajor credits
    • 2.5+ GPA
    • Completion of (or in progress): 
      • Mathematics of Design (MATH 1042) OR Calculus I (MATH 1142 or 1271) (Mathematical Thinking LE)
      • Physics I and Lab (Physical Science LE) (PHYS 1101W or 1107 or 1301W)
      • Construction Plan Reading (CMGT 3011)

    Secondary Review Factors

    • A pattern of steady improvement in academic performance
    • Nonacademic experience in a related field
    • Work experience, paid or unpaid
    • Extenuating circumstances
    • In addition to meeting specific college admission requirements, transfer students must be eligible to return to their previous colleges or universities.
    • The University also reserves the right to deny admission to an otherwise admissible applicant if the University determines that the applicant's enrollment would not be in the applicant's or the University's best interest.

    Still have admission questions? Contact Enrollment Advisor Willie Wong.

    Career Outlook

    "It is becoming increasingly important for construction managers to have a bachelor’s degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, or engineering." (Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Construction Managers, visited June 16, 2020)

    Graduate Snapshot 

    Averages of 2018−19 (Source: U of M Career and Internship Services Surveys)

    • 100% Paid employment 
    • 96% Job closely/
      somewhat related to major
    • $64K Median income 

    Some positions of our graduates:

    • Corporate Sustainability Coordinator    
    • Field Engineer
    • Project Manager    
    • Estimator
    • Vice President    
    • Senior Designer    
    • Superintendent
    • Regional Accounts Manager    
    • Engineering Technician II    
    • Field Project Manager    
    • Property Claims Adjuster    
    • Field Construction Manager
    • Test Shop Technician    
    • Contractor

    Visit Career and Internship Services for more alumni data, job search and internship resources, and employment listings.

    Connect with other U of M students and alumni to share job, internship, and volunteer information on GoldPASS.

    Career Paths by Track


    An internship provides you with a hands-on opportunity to apply your classroom learning, and it's a great transition to employment. It is intended for students who have some advanced skills and knowledge and have completed many of the core courses in the major, particularly estimating, planning and scheduling, and documents and contracts. 

    If you already have a job, you don't have to find a new one—you can work with your present employer to explore new responsibilities in an area of the company you haven’t yet fully experienced.

    Contact the internship coordinator (cceintrn@umn.edu) if you have any questions.

    Read the video transcript. 


    Information for Employers

    Creating meaningful construction management internships can be a huge boost to your organization. Construction Management students ready to intern will bring AutoCAD and plan reading skills, and they usually also have contract, scheduling, estimating, and safety coursework under their belts. Internships can last for three to six months, and students may complete multiple internships. Compensation typically ranges from $15−20 per hour.

    Review tips on creating a position, post your position at GoldPass, and send it to cceintrn@umn.edu. For more information, email Peter Hilger at aphilger@umn.edu.

    Student Experience

    Student Life

    • Study Abroad: You may have the opportunity to study abroad as part of your degree. Talk to Enrollment Advisor Willie Wong for more information.
    • Construction and Facility Management Student Association: This group's core mission is to provide a base for student involvement in campus and community activities. Members can participate in industry-related activities, help current students by mentoring or tutoring, and be involved with other campus groups. Membership is open to any U of M student, regardless of college.
    • Facebook: Please email the CFMSA at cfmsa@umn.edu to request membership.
    • LinkedIn: A networking site for the Construction Management program and all interested stakeholders.
    • Construct*ium
    • Sigma Lamba Chi: Construction Management Honor Society
    • Learning abroad opportunities: Talk to your advisor.
    • Writing Enriched Curriculum: The Construction Management curriculum offers a comprehensive answer to the question “What does effective written communication look like in construction management?” Each course syllabus contains writing assignments specifically oriented to the WEC objectives. We have also developed a “Construction Management Student Writing Style Guide,” which is available on the Moodle site of each course, along with instructional videos. The entire WEC process is described by its developers in an article in the International Journal of Construction Education and Research.
    • Quiz Bowl: A clip from the inaugural Quiz Bowl in March 2012 (the winning team was from the University of Wisconsin−Stout). The 2013, 2014, and 2015 Quiz Bowl champion teams were from the University of Minnesota!
    • Final Four

    Career Resources

    Academic Resources


    Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

    We want to ensure you have access to the education you want. Find out more about financial aid or talk to our scholarship advisor.

    Let's Connect

    You can learn more about the Construction Management program in a way that works for you. Enrollment Advisor, Willie Wong, is here to help.

    Willie Wong

    Or, ask Willie a question at wkwong@umn.edu or 612-625-2529.

    Meet Willie

    Willie Wong works with students who are interested in one of our applied undergraduate majors (Construction Management, Health Services Management, and Information Technology Infrastructure). He is here to answer your questions about admission requirements, the application procedure, and choosing the right courses. His hobbies and interests revolve around sports, both as a participant and spectator. He and his family love to eat and travel.

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