With a bachelor of applied science degree in construction management, specializing in residential construction, you could work on projects as diverse as single-family and multifamily homes, multilevel apartments and condominiums, and new construction and full remodeling/restoration. Your duties might include reviewing budgets, blueprints, and schedules, collaborating with craftspeople, and strategizing on projects.

Career Outlook

What Might My career Look Like Working in Residential Construction?

You could work for:

  • residential contractors
  • general contractors (primarily large multistory residential)
  • specialty contractors
  • subcontractors
  • material suppliers and distributors
  • equipment suppliers and distributors
  • home service and maintenance
  • real estate developers
  • corporations with extensive residential real property holdings

Your business card might read:

  • Project Engineer
  • Project Superintendent
  • Estimator
  • Scheduler
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Quality Control Coordinator or Tester
  • Construction Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Corporate Principal
  • Owner’s Construction or Project Representative
  • Residential sales Associate
  • Residential Design Advisor
  • Marketing and Development Principal


Foundation Courses (6 credits)

  • Managing with Building Information Modeling (CMGT 4003, 2 credits)
    AutoCAD for Construction Managers CMGT 2019 can substitute only if you've already taken CMGT 4003.
  • Materials & Structures (CMGT 4544, 4 credits)
    Statics & Dynamics (AEM 2021, 4 credits)

Required Courses (16 credits)

Course Name Credits Offered
Materials and Structures II (CMGT 4545) 4 spring
Construction Accounting (CMGT 4201) 2 fall
Systems Approach to Building Science & Construction (SSM 3612) 4 fall
Building Systems Performance: Testing & Diagnostics (SSM 4614) 2 spring, even years
Building Science I: Fundamentals (SSM 4616) 4 fall, even years

Technical Electives (5 credits)

Course Name Credits Offered
Facility Programming and Design (CMGT 3024W) 2 fall, even years, online
Managing Erosion and Sediment Control (CMGT 4081) 1 spring
Directed Study (CMGT 4193) 1–3 every semester
Additional Internship (CMGT 4196) 1 every semester
Advanced Construction Cost Estimating (CMGT 4422) 2 spring
Topics in Construction Management (CMGT 4550) varies fall, spring
Landscape Construction: Site Systems and Engineering (LA 3571) 3 fall
Management and Human Resource Practices (ABUS 4104) 3 fall, spring
Real Estate Development and Finance (ABUS 4217) 2 fall
Architecture and Ecology (Arch 4561) 3 spring
Renewable Energy Technologies (BBE 4733) 3 spring
Building Codes for Construction Managers (CMGT 4073) 1 fall, spring
Introductory Statics and Structures for Construction Management (BBE 3101) 3 fall, spring
Construction Industry through Time and Tomorrow (CMGT 4000) 2 fall, even years, online
Innovative Contracting (CMGT 4001) 1 fall, odd years
Lean Construction (CMGT 4002)
1 spring, odd years, online
Introduction to Environmental Health & Safety (CMGT 4301) 3 fall, odd years, online
Environmental Health Principles (CMGT 4302) 3 spring, even years, online
Building Science II: Applications (SSM 4618) 3 spring, odd years

Questions? Connect with Construction Management enrollment advisor Jeff Olsen Krengel: jkrengel@umn.edu or 612-625-4340.