Mission Statement

CCAPS empowers lifelong learners to achieve their educational goals through professional courses, applied and individualized degrees, and other academic pathways. We pursue a learner-centric environment where diverse ideas, backgrounds, and identities are embraced.

College Values


  • We believe learning is for everyone.
  • We meet people where they are.
  • We help remove barriers to student success.


  • We believe learning improves lives.
  • We encourage curiosity.
  • We celebrate learning as a lifelong process.


  • We welcome all and embrace differences.
  • We encourage diversity to enrich learning.
  • We seek to create a sense of belonging for all.


  • We foster strong relationships with one another, our learners, and our communities.
  • We believe that teamwork leads to better outcomes.
  • We encourage honest and open dialogue.


  • We design high-quality programs that challenge and inspire our students.
  • We prepare students to succeed.
  • We deliver exceptional service and support.