• Number of degree program alumni: 11,957
  • Percent of alumni who live and work in Minnesota: 68%

Established in 1913, the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) empowers learners in all stages of life to pursue knowledge, gain experience, and see the world in new ways.

Get Involved

The College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) encourages alumni to join the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA). Becoming a UMAA member provides a number of free personal and professional development opportunities to engage with CCAPS and UMAA as an alum. Here are just a few!

Reconnect with old classmates and stay in touch with your colleagues and friends from CCAPS by joining our LinkedIn group and finding us on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to update your education profile to connect to CCAPS!

We also have program-specific social media accounts.

Providing an internship for a CCAPS student is a win-win proposition: your organization gets professional expertise for a research project, program, or other project, while the student gets the opportunity to see firsthand how coursework can be applied in a work setting.

Find out more about how to develop an effective internship and hire a CCAPS intern by visiting our Career and Internship Services website.

A gift to CCAPS is an investment in the very core of the College—a commitment to provide high-quality continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities for professional development, personal enrichment, career transitions, and academic growth. A number of scholarships support students in our credit and noncredit programs.

Each August, CCAPS launches its Mentor Program for the upcoming academic year and invites alumni to apply. Students from all of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are eligible to apply, which means we need you, our CCAPS alumni of all programs, to join! We also offer virtual mentorships, so no matter where you live in the world, consider becoming a CCAPS Mentor.

This program is powered by the Maroon & Gold Network, which is the University of Minnesota Alumni Association's career and networking platform where you can volunteer online to give career-related advice to current students and fellow alumni.

Career development doesn’t end at graduation, so you can also further leverage the platform by reaching out to fellow alumni for advice that helps your own career. Learn more about the various career resources offered by UMAA.

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association hosts a number of Corporate and Affinity Networks (Target, 3M, Black Alumni, Greek Alumni, and more!), as well as regional Alumni Networks around the world. Check them out to see how you can get involved right where you are!

The Health Services Management (HSM) Alumni Network Committee was founded in 2019 as a sub-committee of the Health Services Management Advisory Board. The mission of the Network is to foster long-lasting benefits for the HSM program by enhancing the relationships formed between alumni and students . Our vision is to drive connections between alumni, students, and faculty to foster a strong community for the purposes of career development, mentorship, and connection. Visit our website to learn more and how to be involved and join us on LinkedIn.


CCAPS partners with many others across campus, including the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. Visit the UMAA Events and the Twin Cities Campus Events calendar for a complete list of upcoming events.


The College believes education unlocks limitless opportunities and should be accessible to all. Learners of all ages and backgrounds may apply for CCAPS Scholarships, which are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic achievement. Awards are available to students taking credit or noncredit courses on a part- or full-time basis, unless otherwise noted.

Contact Information

Questions about ways to stay connected? Contact:

Courtney Barrette
Director of Engagement & External Relations
barr0396@umn.edu | 612-625-1253