We’re glad you’re here! (And thrilled that you were here as a student. Come back to visit soon!) Remember, your alma mater offers you community for life. Plus, there’s so much we can do when we stick together, and the resources and benefits for alumni are many. Dive in!

Give Back

It's your boundless Gopher energy, skills, and talents that help the College be all it can be, and there are so many ways to give back to your alma mater. Here are a few of the tried-and-true ways CCAPS prospers through your active support. Think of something you don’t see here? Let us know! 

Give to CCAPS


In addition to hosting events that are specific to CCAPS, the College partners with colleges, institutes, and groups across the Twin Cities campus, as well as the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA).

Visit UMAA Events and Twin Cities Campus Events for complete calendar listings.


UMN Homecoming

9:00 am

Gophers on the Go!

With more than 500,000 UMN Twin Cities alumni living and working throughout the world, you’re bound to run into a fellow Gopher in your daily travels. What’s more, 68% of CCAPS alumni are right here in Minnesota and involved in all sorts of University and College activities. We hope to see YOU soon!

  • An advisory board member sits amongst other members and gestures with her hand to emphasize what she is saying
  • Alumnae Bridgette Grobe receives the 2022 UMAA On the Rise Award
  • An alumni network gathers at a local gathering spot to watch a Minnesota Gopher football game
  • Three Construction Management alumns sit at a table ay a local gathering spot and signal thumbs up to the camera
  • An exuberant group of graduates stand outside in the sunshine with Goldy Gopher following their Commencement ceremony
  • Three people join in the clean up as part of a CCAPS community project for U of M Day of Service
  • Two children decked out in maroon and gold hold a Goldy Gopher cutout sign and pom poms
  • Alumnae Mary Kay Delvo wears a colorful shirt and stands in front of an equally colorful shelf of library books as she smiles for the camera
  • A woman wearing comically large plastic glasses and holding maroon and gold pom poms stands with a man who is laughing at someone who is off camera
  • Five UMN system mascots gather with two young fans at Target Field
  • The MN Loons logo, the UMN block M logo, and a soccer ball are superimposed on a photo of the pitch and lighted stadium at Allianz Field
  • A woman stands arm-in-arm with Goldy Gopher, who is dressed in formal attire: a sparkling gold suit coat, gold shirt, and maroon and gold tie

Never Stop Learning

As alumni, you know that CCAPS is an epicenter of educational opportunities: those that amplify your career and command your attention, and those that pique a lifetime of inspiration and interests. Here are just a few of the many resources dedicated to keeping you connected, engaged, and growing!

It's a fact. As a University of Minnesota graduate, you have numerous resources available right at your fingertips! Learn more about the valuable career resources offered by the Alumni Association. 

Pick a topic, any topic, and you are sure to find someone smart and savvy talking about it on Gold Mind. Go ahead, expand your knowledge, improve your knowledge, boost your career (or all three!) when you tap into these University and expert podcasts, videos, and lectures that may be filtered by interest and watched on your own time. Check out Gold Mind.

Want to accelerate your career? To mentor or be mentored? To amplify your connections with fellow alumni? We got you. The Maroon & Gold Network is a free, easy-to-use platform that offers all of those things and countless other resources. Best yet, the Network is dedicated to helping UMN alumni connect with and help one another. At last count, more than 17,500 students and alumni have participated in this Alumni Association powerhouse! Join the Maroon & Gold Network.

Need to order an official academic transcript, or secure a free unofficial transcript? No matter your needs, you can learn all the ins and outs and get step-by-step instructions on this One Stop Student Services webpage.

Learn, grow, and connect with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), a vibrant learning community for people aged 50+. OLLI members are engaged, active learners for whom curiosity and the joy of learning are a given. In addition to offering hundreds of high-quality noncredit courses each year, OLLI is also host to intellectually stimulating social, cultural, and volunteer opportunities.

CCAPS's portfolio of professional development courses, certificates, and boot camps is designed to deliver practical and valuable tools and skills to help you raise your profile and fuel your career. Not ready to commit to a specific program? Choose from more than 80 individual courses designed to elevate knowledge in a variety of areas, or try one of our free webinars.

CCAPS believes education unlocks limitless opportunities and should be accessible to all. Learners of all ages and backgrounds may apply for CCAPS Scholarships, which are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic achievement. Awards may also be available to students taking credit or noncredit courses on a part- or full-time basis, unless otherwise noted.

The College’s free professional development webinars deliver fresh career-boosting insights and tips to take back to work. Watch on your lunch break or as a way to launch into your work day!

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for? You’re sure to find it in our comprehensive webinar archive where they are gathered in one easy-to-find location.


Yes! Yes, we are #UMNProud of our CCAPS grads! In fact, their extraordinary accomplishments and experiences make for great reading. See for yourself by delving into their stories. And because we know that YOU, too, have a compelling story, we hope you're willing to share.

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