Keep our connection strong by staying in touch! We love hearing from you, whether it’s a brief update, a wink and a nod on social media, or through your participation in an alumni network. Our goal is to make it easy for you and your fellow alumni to connect—both with us and one another. But first, we need to know how to reach you!

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Wait! Where did you go?

Whether you are a recent or longtime alum, live near or far away, we want to stay connected for a lifetime. To do that, it helps to know where you are. (If our records are accurate, we think we see you signaling from somewhere on this map.)   

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Heads-Up! Changes to UMN Email and Google Workspace

To mitigate cybersecurity and data privacy risks, the University is no longer able to provide Google Workspace, which includes Gmail, for University alumni. Learn more about these changes.

Alumni Networks

An alumni network is an open community that helps alumni remain connected to their college and alma mater. It does this by creating the foundation to build new relationships and strengthen old ties with the people and groups that shaped your academic experience. Take a look and find a network (or two or three!) that are right for you.

CCAPS Alumni Networks

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Health Services Management Alumni Network

A subcommittee of the Health Services Management Advisory Board, this network fosters a strong student–alumni community via professional development, mentorship, and other activities. Learn more on the HSM Alumni Network website and via the HSM Group on LinkedIn.

Construction Management Alumni Network

This network organizes a variety of social and professional gatherings each year. Recent events include a golf tournament to support scholarships for the Pura Vida Study Abroad Program and social hours at select Twin Cities venues. Want to get involved? Just say the word! 

Start a New Network

Interested in starting an alumni network for your CCAPS program? Let us know!

UMN Alumni Networks

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There’s ample opportunity to connect through the University’s 100+ alumni networks, organized by location, affinity, and school. Networks are open to anyone who wants to connect within them, even if it is through multiple networks. Learn more about the University's alumni networks

Contact the Engagement Team

It's always a good day when we hear from you. Have a question or idea? Need assistance or want to offer the same? Please, reach out!

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Courtney Barrette
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Aislinn Hernandez
Manager of Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving | 612-625-2910

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