Jim Hoar
Principal Consultant
St. Paul Leadership Consultants LLC,

Jim is passionate about helping others discover their potential through training and development. As the Principal Consultant at St. Paul Leadership Consultants LLC, Jim serves a variety of nonprofit and for-profit clients. He also worked at Target Corporation for 32 years, serving in a variety of roles in HR, Merchandising, and IT.

Jim’s teaching and research interests include strategy development, influence and influence tactics, and leading transformational change. He is also a public speaking coach and is passionate about developing new trainers.

Jim received his M.A. in business/marketing education from the University of Minnesota and his BS in retailing from the University of Wisconsin–Stout.

Jim teaches Facilitative Training Techniques, Deliver High Impact Training, and Intentional Influence for the University of Minnesota's professional development programs.

He produced the articles Six Cardinal Rules for Effective Trainers and Training for Impact: From Good to Great as well as these webinars: