It happens: you need to drop or withdraw from a class. Learn how to go about it and what impact, if any, it will have on your U of M transcript.

Instructions by Video or Text

It's your choice! Learn how to drop or withdraw from a U of M class by watching the video or reading the instructions. Either method will walk you through the process and answer important questions such as the distinction between "drop" and "withdrawal."

How To

If you are no longer participating in your U of M CIS class, you will need to submit a CIS Cancellation form. The date you submit the form and how far along the class is in the term will determine whether the U of M considers the canceled class to be a "drop" or a "withdrawal." 

Prior to submitting the form, it's important that you check with your high school counselor to learn about any potential impact the drop or withdrawal might have on your high school transcript.

To find the drop deadline for your class, see the chart of Key Dates that appears below.

Drop vs. Withdrawal

A canceled class is considered dropped if you submit the cancellation form early in the term and prior to the designated drop deadline. A dropped class is removed from your record entirely. It will no longer appear on your U of M transcript.

A canceled class is considered a withdrawal if you submit the cancellation form after the designated drop deadline. A withdrawal will appear on your U of M transcript as a "W," regardless of the reason for the withdrawal.

Having a W on your transcript is not viewed negatively, nor does it affect your U of M GPA. It is simply a notation of what occurred. However, a pattern of withdrawals may impact your academic record, and repeat withdrawals may not be allowed.

Withdrawing after a class is ended, after you've taken the final exam, or received your final grade is never allowed. In rare circumstances, you may petition to drop or withdraw after the deadline by submitting a form approved by your instructor.

When in doubt, check with your high school counselor.

What Happens Next?

Two to three days after you submit the U of M CIS cancellation form, you and your teacher will receive a confirmation email. The email will confirm that you are no longer taking the class for U of M credit, and whether the canceled class is considered a drop or withdrawal.

Remember, you can access your U of M record through MyU at, or by contacting One Stop by emailing [email protected] or calling 612-624-1111.

As always, you'll want to ensure your record is accurate and up to date prior to ordering official U of M transcripts.

Have questions? The Enrollment Services team is always happy to help!

Drop or Withdraw From Your U of M Class

Key Dates

High School TermRegistration OpensRegistration
Drop Deadline
 (no W notation)
CIS Trimester 1August 15September 15October 1
CIS Year LongAugust 15September 15October 15
CIS Fall Semester / Trimester 1–2August 15September 15October 15
CIS Trimester 2December 1January 15January 15
CIS Spring Semester / Trimester 2–3December 15February 15February 15
CIS Trimester 3March 1April 15April 15