After receiving the necessary information from your instructors, you can register for classes using MyCIS.

Instructions by Video or Text

It's your choice! Learn how to create and access your MyCIS account by watching the video or reading the instructions. Either method will walk you through the process step-by-step.

What Is MyCIS?

MyCIS is the registration system used for U of M courses offered by CIS. Registering for your U of M classes is done differently than registering for your high school classes. One difference: Before you can register for a class, your teacher will need to provide you with some essential information.

But first things first. Here's how to create and access your MyCIS account.

MyCIS in Four Steps

Step 1: Create Your MyCIS Account

Setting up your MyCIS account is easy. Just follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the MyCIS login page at
  • Select "High School Student" and click continue.
  • Select "Create a New MyCIS Account."
  • Follow the prompts to add the required information.

We recommend that you use your personal rather than your high school email address. Enter the address carefully. This will become your MyCIS username.

  • Review your information for accuracy and click "Create Account and Select Classes."
  • Check your email for the "MyCIS Account Creation Confirmation" message.

If you have taken a U of M Twin Cities class in the past, or have already registered for a class this year, log in to MyCIS using your U of M internet ID and password. Your internet ID is the part of your U of M email that comes before Your MyCIS account information is the email and password you used to create your MyCIS account.

If you already have a MyCIS account and are having trouble logging in, do not create another MyCIS account. Contact the Enrollment Services team at [email protected].

Once you're logged in to MyCIS, you're ready to select your classes!

Step 2: Select Your Classes

  • Use the "Available Classes" tab to select your high school from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose your assigned class and section, verifying that all information is accurate before clicking "Add Selected."
  • If you are taking more than once CIS class and have the necessary information about each class from your teachers, you may add additional classes.
  • Once you have added all of your classes, select "View My Schedule."

Step 3: Verify Your Schedule

Use the View My Schedule tab to ensure your registration information is correct.

Make a mistake? Classes that have an “In Progress” status may be removed. To make changes to a class with a "Registered" status, email the Enrollment Services team at [email protected].

Step 4: Confirm Your Registration

If you have taken a U of M Twin Cities CIS class in the past or have already registered for a class this year, a registration confirmation will be sent to your U of M email.

If you are new to CIS at the U of M, registering for your class through MyCIS is only your first step to make things official. You also need to activate your U of M Internet account and email. To learn how, move on to the next video in this series, conveniently titled How to Activate Your U of M Internet Account and Email.

Have questions? The Enrollment Services team is always happy to help!

Register Using MyCIS

Key Dates

High School TermRegistration OpensRegistration
Drop Deadline
 (no W notation)
CIS Trimester 1August 15September 15October 1
CIS Year LongAugust 15September 15October 15
CIS Fall Semester / Trimester 1–2August 15September 15October 15
CIS Trimester 2December 1January 15January 15
CIS Spring Semester / Trimester 2–3December 15February 15February 15
CIS Trimester 3March 1April 15April 15