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Career Development

Career and Internship Services

This University of Minnesota office provides a vital service to our students, assisting and preparing them in a variety of ways to make the right career choices. The mission of Career and Internship Services is to engage students in meaningful career development activities that help them maximize their life experience by providing opportunities to build the skills required for success in life and career, and being a facilitator of information as well as a provider of skills related to job, internship, and graduate school planning (specific Construction Management career resources page).

Their service further extends to maintaining close collaboration with our program and our industry contacts, planning career events, guiding students on their searches for jobs or internships, and maintaining a platform, GoldPASS, a free job hosting and search site where employers and students/alumni can connect with mutual employment opportunities.

The Career and Internship Services program and its dedicated advisor, Ms. Elizabeth Hruska, were identified as a “strength of the program” in the program’s ACCE accreditation site visit report. Ms. Hruska received the highest University honor for advising, the Tate Award, in 2012.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results

In 2019−20, Construction Management students had 125 contacts with Career and Internship Services resources including appointments, career fair visits, resume book support, and email consults. In the service evaluation conducted after fall semester, 100% of respondents who met individually with the career counselor serving Construction Management (N=21) indicated they would recommend her to other students in their field.

Graduation Satisfaction Survey Results

Each year, our graduating students are offered a survey to track their career destination and satisfaction six months after graduation. This information helps determine whether positive trends are happening with our student placement and job satisfaction. Read the results from the 2018−19 career and placement services survey.

Please note that data is published six months after the survey closes, and therefore the data provided is not necessarily reflective of the current academic year.

Results for Construction Management graduates are as follows: 88% of CMGT graduates (37 out of 42) completed the survey. All of those who responded are in paid full- or part-time employment following graduation, 96% of them in a job related or closely related to their major. Of those who responded, 85% reported being somewhat or very satisfied with their occupation. The mean income of respondents was $65,445, with a range of $40,000 to $104,000.


Internships are an integral part of the Construction Management program and an important step in career-building for our students, many of whom receive offers of employment following their internship. Previously, students had to complete 3 credits totalling 360 work hours along with an online companion course site activity. Based on a changed guidance policy from the University of Minnesota administration on the application of work-for-credit requirements, the Internship was formally changed to reflect other internship programs on campus at 200 hours and 1 credit. Degree-seeking students are required to complete 200 hours of internship employment. Under the guidance of the faculty advisor, Peter Hilger, constant networking with industry contacts seeking to hire interns is maintained using an employer database that contains over 600 contacts.

Students find their own internships, with support from the program and Career and Internship Services in the form of a virtual career fair. Students prepare a professional resume with advice from Career and Internship Services, and a PDF of all resumes from students seeking internships is distributed electronically to our industry contacts in February each year. Since its inception in fall 2010, this virtual fair has had a significant impact on student hiring and networking. 

The University of Minnesota cancelled all in-person internships in summer 2020, due to the pandemic shutdown; however, the virtual career fair PDF was issued to all employers in the database.

Employers also list internships on the university GoldPASS job posting website, and notification is shared with students in the program. 

Internship Hires

Internship Enrollment Data

AY 2015−16

AY 2016−17

AY 2017−18

AY 2018−19

AY 2019−20

Fall Enrolled






Spring Enrolled






Summer Enrolled












Student Candidates in the Virtual Career Fair

Virtual Career Fair

AY 2015−16

AY 2016−17

AY 2017−18

AY 2018−19

AY 2019−20







* No internships hosted in summer due to the pandemic and University-wide policy.


In addition to the online curriculum requirements for the internship course, students are required to present on a research topic of their choice. Presentations are given to peers and industry guests and hosted at one of our industry Advisory Board constituents.

Since spring 2004, there have been a total of 535 internships with 259 firms, 75 (29%) of whom hired more than one intern. The breadth of employers is one way to measure how well the program is perceived within the industry. Further, repeat hiring indicates a confidence in the value of our interns, therefore a higher percentage of student interns by firms hiring on multiple occasions indicates confidence in the program.

Internship Density Analysis

Cumulative Data from 2004

to 2016

to 2017

to 2018

to 2019

to 2020**

Total Internships






Total Students






Total Companies






Students with 2+ Internships

42 (13%)

52 (14%)

70 (18%)

79 (18%)

81 (18%)

Companies Hosting 2+ Interns

51 (27%)

56 (26%)

66 (28%)

73 (29%)

75 (29%)

Companies Hosting 3+ Interns

28 (15%)

32 (15%)

35 (15%)

37 (15%)

38 (15%)

Companies Hosting 6+ Interns

10 (5%)

12 (6%)

15 (6%)

18 (7%)

18 (7%)

Internships in Companies Hosting 2+ Interns

233 (62%)

261 (62%)

307 (64%)

341 (65%)

351 (66%)

Internships in Companies Hosting 6+ Interns

123 (33%)

144 (34%)

172 (36%)

202 (39%)

205 (38%)

Top Three Hiring Companies: Ryan, JE Dunn, McGough 

64 (17%)

68 (16%)

70 (15%)

72 (14%)

73 (14%)

Retention Rate to Date (job offer) *

80 (65%)

89 (66%)

100 (68%)

110 (69%)

110 (69%)

* Since 2006; not all students report.

** Summer 2020 internships cancelled due to pandemic concerns.