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Faculty and Staff

Adjunct Faculty

The Construction Management program uses an adjunct faculty model. Instructors are all practitioners in their field, and the real-world knowledge they bring to their teaching is repeatedly identified by students, in evaluations and program reviews, as one of the strong points of the department. Biographies of our faculty can be found here.

AY 2019–20 saw a few changes to our faculty roster. In estimating, Mark Adamson stepped away from teaching due to work commitments, and Huldah Gronvall joined our faculty; Ann Johnson discontinued teaching AutoCAD; Jason Hanlon began teaching materials and structures; and visiting scholar Youjun Jin joined the program.

Construction Management Faculty 2019–20

  • A. Peter Hilger, AIA, Faculty Director, hired fall 1997
  • William J. Bartolic, III, hired spring 2016
  • Debra Becker, hired fall 2009
  • Brian Bowen, hired fall 2014
  • Benjamin Bowman, hired spring 2019
  • David Campbell, hired summer 2011
  • John Chapman, hired summer 2012
  • Jean Cranston, hired spring 2018
  • Bradley Creager, hired summer 2008
  • Dwight Elthon, LEED AP, hired spring 2004
  • David Galetka, hired fall 2013
  • Huldah Gronvall, hired spring 2020
  • Jason Hanlon, hired spring 2020
  • Stephen Hauser, hired spring 2003
  • Jay Hietpas, hired spring 2013
  • Scott Holm, hired spring 2012
  • Nirmal Jain, PE, hired spring 2010
  • Youjun Jin (visiting scholar), hired summer 2019
  • Ann M. Johnson, PE, hired spring 2001
  • Heather Kossila, AIA, LEED AP, CM-Lean, hired spring 2014
  • Ethan Laubach, hired fall 2014
  • Klaus Lemke, hired spring 2014
  • Robert Linder, PE, hired spring 2016
  • Chris Mavis, hired spring 2018
  • Cullen O’Neill, hired summer 2014
  • Justine Pliska, hired spring 2013
  • Andrew Reberg, hired fall 2019
  • Vickie Schleuning, hired summer 2018
  • Kenneth Styrlund, PE, LEED AP, hired fall 2003

Applied Business Faculty

  • Charles Bethel, hired fall 2016
  • Michael Essien, hired fall 2018
  • David J. Franke, hired fall 2015
  • Deborah Mackay, hired fall 2009
  • Stacy O’Fallon, hired fall 2018
  • Kay Rindels, hired fall 2018
  • Jody Tableporter, hired fall 2015
  • Steven Taylor, hired fall 2012

Faculty Awards and Outreach Activities 

Construction Management program faculty are established and respected members of their fields. In addition to their teaching activities, they receive professional recognition and awards and serve on local and statewide boards. The following is a summary of some of their achievements during 2018−19. 

Congratulations to all of our faculty!

Faculty Awards, Achievements, and Outreach Activities: 2019−20

  • Cullen O'Neill (CMGT 4544 − Materials & Structures I), named an Associate at Meyer Borgman Johnson this summer
  • William Bartolic (CMGT 3001W − Introduction to Construction), Certificate of Recognition
  • Nirmal Jain (CMGT 4542 − Building Energy Systems), University of Minnesota: President's Award; State of Minnesota, Department of Labor and Industry: Board Member, Board of High-Pressure Piping Systems
  • Scott Holm has been appointed as the vice-chair for the ICC Education Committee. In 2019 Scott was appointed by the Governor of Minnesota to the Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architects, Geoscience, and Interior Designers (AELSLAGID)


The program staff are a critical component of our success, the depth of which is a differentiator between our program and the typical college program. Without this staffing, we would be unable to achieve our mission and goals, much less recruit new students to the program and your workforce.

Staff for the program are as follows; there were no changes in 2019−20.

  • Robert Stine, Interim Dean, College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS)
  • Michelle Koker, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
  • Courtney Barette, Director of Engagement & External Relations, Alumni Liaison
  • Steven Wandler, Interim Assistant Director of Applied and Professional Studies and Writing Consultant (until spring 2020)
  • Michael Matejcek, Writing Consultant (from spring 2020)
  • A. Peter Hilger, Faculty Director, Construction Management
  • Megan Seltz, CMGT Senior Academic Advisor, CFMSA Liaison
  • Willie Wong, Transfer Admissions Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Hruska, Assistant Director, Career and Internship Services−CCAPS, CDes, CFANS
  • Lynn Cross, Program Administrator, CCAPS Undergraduate Programs
  • Geoff Couling, Administrative Specialist, CCAPS Undergraduate Programs
  • Jessica Haensch, Scholarship/Financial Aid Coordinator, CCAPS
  • Leigh Connor, Marketing/Brand Consultant, CCAPS
  • Kelli Billstein, Communications Specialist