ASCL 6002

About This Course

This course serves as the capstone course for students in the Master of Professional Studies in Applied Sciences Leadership. This course will synthesize the disciplinary and applied sciences leadership coursework taken by students during their graduate career and will facilitate completion of an individualized, applied capstone project based on their applied science focus area. The course further develops scientific communication skills and sharpens critical thinking through investigating a scientific question. This culminating experience provides students with an opportunity to engage in creative problem-solving that addresses pressing real-world needs.


Len Marquart
Len Marquart

Dr. Len Marquart has focused his career on grains/whole grains and their impact on health. His career began at General Mills managing animal, epidemiological, clinical research with academic institutions, and supporting scientific initiatives related to policy and regulatory work. His teaching, research, and outreach have focused on whole grains and health via food systems approaches connecting the food value chain, food environments, and community settings. Dr. Marquart is founder and president of the Grains for Health Foundation, which facilitated communication and integration of science and technology into the grains supply chain designed to help deliver more grain-based foods to consumers that more closely meet dietary guidance.

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