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DevOps merges software development and IT operations into a unified process aimed at automating the software lifecycle, enhancing teamwork, speeding up deployments, and improving quality. It’s built on continuous improvement, shortening the time from development to production without sacrificing quality. DevOps is crucial in today’s technology-driven market, providing a significant edge by enabling rapid, high-quality software delivery. It breaks down barriers between teams, fosters collaboration, and speeds up problem-solving, leading to more robust products. Practices like continuous integration and deployment help organizations quickly adjust to market shifts, enhance user satisfaction, and mitigate risks. Adopting DevOps boosts efficiency and innovation, making it essential for competitiveness in the digital age.

INET 4021 offers students an in-depth look at the essential coding principles underlying network operations, pivotal for refining DevOps methodologies. This course covers distributed programming and key network concepts, preparing students to enhance DevOps procedures effectively. Participants will learn about the use of sockets as an API for web communications, examining both stateless and stateful approaches to managing client/server dynamics. Through hands-on labs focused on Java application development with servlets, the course provides practical experience with TCP/IP socket programming, understanding the HTTP protocol, and applying stateless and stateful communication techniques. This base of knowledge is indispensable for diagnosing and improving network performance within a DevOps framework, involving technologies like C, Java, Sockets, TCP/IP, and RPC, in UNIX/Linux settings.

Sample textbooks: Internetworking with TCP/IP, Volume 3 by Douglas E. Comer; An Introduction to Network Programming with Java by Jan Grab

Recommended prerequisites: CSCI 1913 or CSCI 1933; INET 2001


Mark Langanki Photo
Mark Langanki

BS, computer science, University of Minnesota

Mark Langanki has been working in the IT industry since 1989. His work centers on computing as it relates to telephony, networked applications, and distributed systems. Mark is the CTO of ConvergeOne and is leading innovation around the next model of IT and cloud services. He teaches at the University of Minnesota about operating systems, network programming, languages, and IT operations, and believes that learning doesn’t stop once a student graduates. Mark is dedicated to ensuring that students learn topics that will be applicable in the tech industry.

  • INET 3101 C Programming: Language and Applications
  • INET 4001 Introduction to Operating Systems
  • INET 4021 Dev Ops I: Network Programming

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