INET 4002

About This Course

Modern network technology is constantly changing and evolving, but with the right foundational knowledge, students can get up to speed and even dive deep into research projects on networking. This course starts with the groundwork and builds up, offering the basics of data communications and computer networks, and laying foundations for network protocols, data communications models, networking devices, and network types.

Where this course goes above and beyond is with its real-world, applied component: network management, network design, network operation, and day-to-day troubleshooting tips that students are bound to encounter in the workplace. Bottom line: Students learn how the computer networks they use every day actually operate, and they learn to identify, describe, repair, and prevent network problems.


John Raabe photo
John Raabe

BS, business administration, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

John Raabe currently leads the internal IT audit function at a major health care provider. Previously, he led IT systems administration staff, and he has designed and supported enterprise-class networks and systems. As a certified information systems auditor (CISA), he is particularly interested in IT controls, risk management, compliance, and network design and enterprise IT management issues. He also consults privately on system administration and network management.

  • INET 4002 Foundations of Networking
  • INET 4153 Introduction to Security: Policy and Regulation

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