INET 2001

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This course is a foundational piece of the INET curriculum. You will come to understand the major's framework and how the courses in the major work together. You will also learn about the choices you have in becoming an IT/ICT professional. Information Technology (IT), or Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is a growing field that impacts every aspect of life. IT/ICT exists across multiple sectors, which can include broad mandates as well as very niche focuses. There is much that can be learned and many options for honing one's technical expertise. But regardless of how much one can learn about the technology of IT/ICT, there will always be the human element and interactions that one must engage in as a professional in this world. The course is composed of three sections: (1) personal identity in IT; (2) collaboration in IT; and (3) IT in professional contexts. In short, INET 2001 will introduce you to the IT/ICT industry's culture and skills and prepare you to be a successful student and a productive professional.


Ben Ayvaz
Ben Ayvaz

MBA with emphasis in technology delivery and marketing, Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business; BS, management information systems, University of Wisconsin

Ben is a management consultant with extensive experience in project management in the construction, technology, government, and health care industries. Ben's goal in teaching is to give back to a profession he loves by sharing his experience and helping to develop our next generation of leaders.

  • INET 2001 – Fundamentals of IT
  • INET 3102 – Web Infrastructure
  • INET 4082W − IT Infrastructure Projects and Processes
  • INET 4083W – Systems II: Analysis and Design
Head shot of Ben Marcy
Ben Marcy

Master of Public Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota; BA, English, Eastern Illinois University.

Ben Marcy is very interested in supporting successful student experiences. His research focus as a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development at the University of Minnesota looks at the intersections of whiteness and masculinity in various academic and professional contexts. Ben has over 15 years of teaching experience at St. Catherine University and the University of Minnesota, using pedagogies blending intentional emergence and performance arts. His teaching focus spans topics of leadership development, power and social change, career development, and diversity within the workplace. He has had a major role in the building of a writing-enriched curriculum in the ITI major and the development of INET 2001.

  • INET 2001 – Fundamentals of IT
Carl Follstad
Carl Follstad

BS, computer science, Mankato State University

Carl Follstad began his IT career writing device drivers for VMS systems, moving to large systems management. In 2001, as senior systems engineer for EMC Corporation, he focused on the storage industry, advising on strategy in enterprise business continuity, data protection, classification of data, and resilient storage subsystem design. Beginning in 2004, he managed the University of Minnesota Data Management Services group, which is responsible for architecture of the centralized system backup and SAN storage. In 2007, he returned to EMC as a pre-sales technical consultant. He now works for Dell Technologies, post EMC acquisition, as an advisory storage architect.

  • INET 2001 – Fundamentals of IT
  • INET 4001 – Foundations of Operating Systems
  • INET 4032 – Systems I: Storage

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