HSM 4591

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The course applies ideas from philosophy, law, political science, and economics to analyze the legal and ethical basis of quality health care policies and programs. It provides a comprehensive analysis of regulations, fraud and abuse, licensing, credentialing, compliance, privacy and security, liability and malpractice, and other legal and ethical considerations. Practical applications will be introduced through case study analysis and student research on various legal and ethical aspects of health care.

Sample textbook: Showalter, J. Stuart. Law and Healthcare Administration. 8th Edition. Health Administration Press.


LaShonda Ouk
LaShonda Ouk

Dr. Ouk is a quality assurance manager in county public health in North Carolina. She has 20 years of experience in managing health care systems and business operations, health care security, quality improvement and assurance, and staff development. She is an SPSS innovative leader in delivering performance-driven management and staff training and development programs for revenue and profit growth. LaShonda has certification in HIPAA security (CHP), Six Sigma (Black Belt), health care quality (CPHQ), and health information technology (HIT). Her passion for working with adult learners is a strong foundation for her methodologies in teaching, training, and coaching.

Dr. Ouk has a PhD in health care administration from Walden University; an MBA and MHA from Pfeiffer University; and a BS in textile technology from North Carolina State University. She teaches:

  • HSM 4591 – Health Care Law and Ethics

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