HSM 4596

About This Course

This course serves as a requirement in the Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Health Services Management. Interns will apply knowledge from HSM coursework in a professional setting and will collaborate with faculty and peers to discuss topics focused on leadership in the health care setting. Each intern will develop a comprehensive final presentation to showcase their work.

Prereq: HSM major; dept. consent. Permission to enroll will be granted only upon completion of HSM 3051, 3521, 4531, 4541, 4561W, & 4591.

Highly recommended: HSM 4043, 4301, 4521, and 4575 (and HINF 5430 for HSM technology internships).


Head shot of Steven Comingdeer
Steven Comingdeer

Steven Comingdeer is global director for HR reporting and analytics at Accenture, where he leads a team of 120, providing reporting, advanced analytics and modeling, consultative insights, and decision support. He has previously been chief of staff to Accenture’s North American health practice director, operations director for a national managed-care organization, business office director for a rehabilitation company, program manager for a large physician and hospital quality program, and clinic manager for a local integrated physician group. He has taught online since 2009 in the areas of health care marketing, operations, information management, economics, law and policy, and ethics.

Steven holds an MA in management, health care administration, and HR management a BA in business management, health care informatics and information management and computer science and information systems, both from the College of Saint Scholastica. He teaches:

  • ABUS 4104 − Management and Human Resource Practices
  • HSM 4596 − Health Services Management Internship

Information Subject to Change

Course details, syllabus, and instructor are subject to change. Current course details can be found by clicking on the Term link(s) above.