HSM 4521

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    Health Services Management

About This Course

Knowledge and skills needed to create ethical and just health care access, delivery, and outcomes within racially and culturally diverse populations. Through reflection and discussion, this course explores equity, bias, racial disparities, and culture as they relate to health care delivery, outcomes, and leadership. Analysis of case studies, organizational models, and social justice programs will create a foundation to ethically and strategically plan, actively engage in, and promote transformative change that will enable health care managers and leaders to create more inclusive health care delivery models. 


Frances Fernandez headshot
Frances Fernandez

MS, health services administration, Florida International University; BA, business administration, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico

Frances has over 25 years of experience in both nonprofit and for-profit executive health care leadership in a variety of settings, and she's bilingual in English and Spanish. She is particularly interested in human development and minority empowerment, and she works fearlessly to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity in human services. She teaches at the college level and develops course materials for education, performance improvement, grants, and leadership development. Frances is an advocate of mental health awareness and education, particularly for youth. She has received recognition for quality initiatives and grant allocations for increased and improved services for the HIV/AIDS population. For more about Frances' career and visions for the HSM program, read "Putting the 'Care' in Health Care."

  • HSM 3521 – Health Care Delivery Systems
  • HSM 4521 – Inclusion and Equity in Health Care Management

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