ABUS 3301

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This course will focus on both the strategic and the tactical level of quality management. One-third of the course is strategic, emphasizing management and leadership concepts. The remaining two-thirds are tactical, examining quality management and leadership at the level of the project leader and practitioner. Overall, the course is designed to provide an understanding of the concepts and principles of quality management, Six Sigma, and lean thinking, and how to apply them.

Sample course topics: change management and team facilitation, control and theory of constraints, leadership in quality management


Karen Schaffhausen
Karen Schaffhausen

Mini-master's in e-commerce, St. Thomas University; BA, political science, University of Minnesota

Ms. Schaffhausen is a marketer and business strategist who works as a consultant to the entrepreneurial community, including SaaS, manufacturing, and mid-cap businesses. Her special focuses are business and growth strategy, partnerships and business development, Lean Canvas, and Six Sigma. She draws on 15 years of experience as marketing manager for Honeywell International, the GEM Group, Gelco, the Carlson Companies, and Holmes Protection Group. Ms. Schaffhausen has taught a wide variety of classes on business development in the local community and is a facilitator for the UW River Falls Entrepreneurial Training Program.

  • ABUS 3301 – Introduction to Quality Management

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