ABUS 4703

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Principles of marketing as applied to the management of the professional practice. This course begins with an introduction to marketing and its overall role and function. We will examine the four P's of marketing (product, price, place, and promotion), then move on to developing a marketing plan, which serves as a map that highlights a path toward success. We look at the major components of a marketing plan and provide you with an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience by completing one. Topics include understanding the internal and external environment, segmenting the market, positioning, differentiating, branding, and formulating a marketing plan with goals, strategies, and financial considerations.


Geoff Kaufmann
Geoff Kaufmann

"I'm inspired by anyone who battles physical or mental challenges."

MA, health policy and management, University of Chicago; BA, biology, St. Olaf College

Geoff Kaufmann, a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, is vice president for patient services of the Biomedical Division of the American Red Cross. He is the former director of planning and marketing for the University of Minnesota Hospital and the Minnesota Regent for the American College of Healthcare Executives. A nationally recognized authority in health marketing, Geoff has 45 years of experience in business development, strategic planning, marketing, new product development, and operations. His focuses have included physician-clinic-hospital networks, clinical and service outcomes, senior health care services, a wound care business, and diagnostic imaging centers.

  • ABUS 4501 – Building and Running a Small Business Enterprise
  • ABUS 4701 – Introduction to Marketing
  • ABUS 4703 – Marketing for the Professional Practice
  • HSM 4861 – Leadership and Business Planning in Health Care: Capstone

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