HSEX 6011

About This Course

​Policy in Human Sexuality: Cutting-Edge Analyses offers an overview of United States and international policy related to gender and sexuality. The course will present the content and impact of such policies across human life stages, from youth reproductive health to aging LGBTQ folks; and a variety of contexts including education, military service, employment, and criminal legal systems. Using readings, multimedia sources, discussion forums, peer review, and an applied final project, students will understand the theory, process, and central actors in policy development and implementation, and the real-world effects of these processes.

Sample textbook: Susan Gluck Mezey (2017), Beyond Marriage: Continuing Battles for LGBT Rights, ISBN-13: 978-1442248649, ISBN-10: 1442248645

Sample course topics: Early life stages, sexual behavior, criminalization, health care, discrimination protections and barriers, later life stages, and public policy.


Sonya Rahders
Sonya Laddon Rahders

Sonya Laddon Rahders, JD, is an attorney in California, where she does state policy and regulatory work on issues of health care access, public insurance, and provider support, with an emphasis on reproductive health. She has additional experience working at the federal level on sex education policy, HIV awareness, youth rights, and LGBTQ health access in Washington, DC. Prior to her legal career, she worked for several years in environmental nonprofit administration and human resources, and volunteered as a youth sexual health educator. She earned her JD (UC Hastings College of the Law) and a BA in Sociology & Gender Studies (UCLA).

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