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Security II: Cyber Security

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INET 4007

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The need has never been greater for information security, and this course prepares students to hit the ground running with a security team in a real-world organization. Prepare to take a deep dive into security, exploring how security applies to current networking technologies as well as investigating ways these technologies are consumed. Students will also be exposed to new authentication methods for securing user data, such as telemetry, biometrics, and nFactor authentication. Throughout the course, students will look at recent case studies of information breaches that have put a spotlight on security, especially as it relates to cloud services, virtual environments, and internet standards.

Students walk away from this course with a deep understanding of security frameworks, architecture evaluation techniques, and methodology for service-risk assessment, as well as with 30 hours of hands-on lab experience on the AWS cloud platform. In short, this course brings security into practical focus and makes cloud security more real.

Sample textbook: How to Measure Anything in CyberSecurity Risk by Douglas W. Hubbard and Richard Seiersen Wiley © 2016.


Norman Owens photo
Norman Owens

MBA, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; MA, information assurance and security, Capella University; BA, philosophy/logics, Brown University 

As an enterprise architect leading architecture teams, Norman Owens has built cloud and security service solutions totaling over $500M in the last 10 years for the states of Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Georgia and at the California State University system. Norman is currently leading a cloud transformation team at Sogeti that will migrate 11,000 servers to a new colo/public cloud platform over the next 15 months. He is passionate about enabling the new leaders of IT transformation to become tomorrow’s business disrupters. He challenges students to be the best predictors of the future by getting ready to make it.

  • INET 4007 - Security II: Cyber Security
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