MM 4311

About This Course

One of the most important skills you can cultivate for manufacturing (or really any line of work) is the ability to clear away the clutter and streamline a process. Sustainable Lean Manufacturing teaches students three major things: 1) wasted time, effort, and money exist in every process for a product or service, 2) it’s possible to clearly see and identify where waste occurs, and 3) there’s a surefire set of tools and techniques to make a process less wasteful and more efficient, and you’ll find out what those are. Bottom line: students leave this course viewing everyday life with a different perspective, knowing there’s always room for improvement in workflow.

Sample textbook: Rubrich, L., Watson, M. &  Fayad, V. (2015). Implementing World Class Manufacturing, 3rd Edition: The Complete Guide Including Policy Deployment and Developing a Lean Culture.

Sample course topics: Introduction and value stream mapping, lean planning, productive maintenance, structured problem solving, single piece flow, cell design, materials, transportation, emission, and biodiversity. 

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