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Systems I: Storage

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INET 4032

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Information is one of the most valuable commodities of the 21st century. This course deals with the proper care and handling of enterprise data, whether the enterprise is a large multinational corporation, a family home, or something in between. Topics include storage network architecture and storage system design.

Students examine data storage technology; local, network, and distributed storage; storage history; data protection policy and implementation (including redundancy, replication, backup, and archive strategy); data security; data reduction and optimization; and emerging technologies like Big Data, cloud storage, AWS, OpenStack, and Compute Clouds. Strong emphasis is placed on applicability of course material to real-world challenges and current industry problems in corporate environments.

Sample textbook: Software-Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials by Schulz, Edition (2017).


Carl Follstad Photo
Carl Follstad

BS, computer science, Mankato State University

Carl Follstad began his IT career writing device drivers for VMS systems, then moved into large systems management. In 2001, as Senior Systems Engineer for EMC Corporation, he began focusing his career on the storage industry. He advised on storage strategy in the area of enterprise business continuity and storage subsystem performance. He moved from EMC to the University of Minnesota in early 2004, where he managed the University Data Management Services group, which is responsible for management and architecture of the U’s centralized system backup and centralized SAN storage. In 2007 he returned to EMC to serve as Pre-Sales Technical Consultant.

  • INET 4001 – Foundations of Operating Systems
  • INET 4032 – Systems I: Storage