About This Course

Focusing on in-depth instruction, constructive feedback, and hands-on experience, this 7-week writing workshop is designed for students who find themselves struggling with writing concepts in their other classes or who want more writing practice to refine and hone their existing skills. Students will learn to understand writing expectations in their disciplines and develop techniques for brainstorming, organizing, outlining, and researching. Students will also practice the drafting process, focusing on mastering business grammar, avoiding common mistakes, and cultivating a clear and concise style. Students will learn the components of clear structure such as transitioning between ideas, logical organization, and integrating research. Students will also develop reliable editing techniques to test their own writing for clarity, logic, and appropriate tone, as well as methods for thinking through critical feedback and incorporating changes into revisions of existing documents. Students must be enrolled in a CCAPS undergraduate major (premajor status is allowed).


Information Subject to Change

Course details, syllabus, and instructor are subject to change. Current course details can be found by clicking on the Term link(s) above.