The HSM internship allows students to augment what they’re learning in the classroom with real-world experiences in health services organizations. In addition to being an important requirement for graduation from the HSM program, the internship is designed to be a mutual benefit for students and employers with goals to improve the business in tangible ways.

The objectives of the Health Services Management internship are for students to:

  • demonstrate real-time problem-solving and business skills in a health care-related work environment.
  • interpret and observe the role, function, and style of middle and senior management individuals in order to learn from them.
  • apply and evaluate coursework skills, theories, and concepts learned from the health services management classes within a controlled internship environment.
  • apply skills and expertise learned in the health services management field by completing a challenge project for the employer and, more generally, the industry as a whole.
  • interact with an assigned onsite mentor to meet regularly to discuss progress, the challenge project, and learning. 



If you have any questions related to the internship program, please contact the Internship Coordinator:

Alissa Bigelow