Celebrating Gender Inclusion

February 13, 2020
Recipient of a Campus Climate Micro-Grant

Graduate programs staff making heart shape with hands at table full of snacks


Photo courtesy of Michelle Iwen 

Beyond the Binary: The Gender Spectrum

April 26, 2019

Co-sponsored by the Program in Human Sexuality, the National Center for Gender Spectrum Health, and a Campus Climate grant

Room full of participants of Beyond the Binary workshop


Photo courtesy of Michelle Iwen 

Fighting Stigma: Facilitating Social Change in Marginalized Communities Struggling with Addiction and Co-occurring Mental Health Concerns

April 13, 2018

Co-sponsored by the Office for Equity and Diversity and the Campus Climate Committee

Photos courtesy of Katie Carpenter

Associate dean Bob Stine and Fighting Stigma panel
Youssef Shafie and Christy Rushfeldt
Fighting Stigma panelists

Advocating for Social Justice through the Arts

March 9, 2018

Photos courtesy of Katie Carpenter

Fall 2017 Graduate Programs Event

Sept. 1, 2017

Fiyyaz Karim write "you made it" on sidewalk
CCAPS crowd at taco truck
Students outside at CCAPS grad event