Follow these instructions to complete your internship/experience agreement form and register for INET 4596: Internship.  A permission number will be emailed to you once your experience agreement form has been accepted and processed.

Before beginning the experience agreement form:

  1. Secure an internship or job related to ITI. 
  2. Identify an ITI faculty advisor to assist you in this project by helping you plan how you will complete your internship. This faculty advisor will also serve as your mentor and instructor. Here's a list of potential ITI faculty advisors to work with. 
  3. Email the person you wish to be your faculty advisor to request they guide you through your internship experience. 
  4. Working with your faculty advisor, determine how your internship experience will be documented (e.g. presentation, report, contract, etc.).  
  5. Working with your faculty advisor, determine three learning goals/objectives for the internship.

Once you've found a faculty advisor, follow these steps to complete the internship agreement form:

  • Visit the Handshake Webpage
  • Click Student & Alumni Login  -  This will connect you to the Handshake website.
  • Click on Career Center in the upper right first then click on  Experiences.


    6. Click Request an Experience and select “CCAPS - ITI” as the Experience Type


    7. Complete the form, including as many details as possible, with the following:

    • Employer
    • Internship/Job Title
    • Start/End dates
    • Salary
    • Faculty advisor and email
    • Description of position

    8. For the Course Information section, provide or select the following information: 

Course NumberINET 4596
Which SemesterChoose term for which you will register
Section NumberTBD
Number of Credits1
Internship DocumentationSelect the documentation that you and your faculty advisor agreed upon and provide a description.
Learning GoalsType in the learning goals you and your faculty advisor agreed on.


  9. Finish by clicking the green Request Experience button at the bottom of the page.

  • Ask your faculty advisor to watch for the email requesting their approval of the agreement. Let your faculty advisor know the email will come from Handshake, not from the University of Minnesota. After you receive your faculty advisor's approval, the form will be routed to the faculty director for final approval. 
  • Allow time for the approval process prior to the beginning of the course. It can take 1-2 weeks to complete the internship approval and course registration process.