Current Planning Committee Members

John Baker, US Department of Agriculture, and Department of Soil, Water, and Climate, University of Minnesota
Will Bartsch, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota Duluth
Ann Banitt, US Army Corps of Engineers
Kari Benjamin, Burns & McDonnell
Jeff Berg, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
John Bilotta, MN Sea Grant, University of Minnesota Extension
Erik Brenna, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Tina Carstens, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District
Tracy Fallon, Water Resources Center, University of Minnesota
Leah Gifford, SRF Consulting Group
Lorin K. Hatch, Widseth Smith Nolting
Kimberly Hill, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
Ryan Johnson, City of Roseville
Cheryel Keyser, Water Resources Center, University of Minnesota
Joel Larson, Water Resources Center, University of Minnesota
Ron Leaf, Kimley-Horn and Associates
Drew McGovern, Hennepin County
Salam Murtada, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Randy Neprash, Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition & Stantec
*Jeffrey Peterson, Water Resources Center, University of Minnesota
*Emily Resseger, Metropolitan Council
Shawn Schottler, St. Croix Watershed Research Station
Wayne Sicora, Natural Resource Group
Jeff Standish, MNDrive Environmental Initiative, University of Minnesota
Jim Stark, Minnesota State Legislature
Jared Trost, US Geological Survey
Rick Voigt, Voigt Consultants, LLC
David Wall, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Marcey Westrick, Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources
Greg Wilson, Barr Engineering Company
John Woodside, Minnesota Department of Health

* Committee Co-Chairs