• Pro Tip: Be sure to check your APAS report regularly. You might also want to schedule an appointment with your advisor each fall and spring term to review your graduation plan.

In addition to the University of Minnesota graduation requirements (see the Undergraduate Catalog), the criteria for graduation from the MdS program are as follows:

1. Completion of 120 semester credits, including:

  • 24 credits after admission to MdS
  • 50 upper-division credits
  • 30 credits taken on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMTC) campus (students who complete only the minimum number of 30 credits may take no more than 8 of the 30 credits on the S/N grading basis)
  • At least half of upper-division major coursework completed on the UMTC campus

2. Of the last 30 credits earned before graduation, at least 15 must be taken on the UMTC campus

3. Completion of the requirements for liberal education, freshman writing, writing intensive, oral communication. Students pursuing a BA degree must also complete the second language requirement

4. Completion of an upper-division writing intensive course in the MdS major (as shown on your MdS Program Approval Form)

5. At least 75% of the UMTC campus credits must be taken on an A−F grading basis

6. Completion of the courses on your MdS Program Approval Form on an A−F grading basis with a grade of C- or better (S/N grading in major course work not allowed unless it is the ONLY grading basis offered)

7. A minimum 2.00 grade point average is required for your:

  • cumulative GPA for University of Minnesota coursework
  • cumulative GPA for upper-division coursework
  • cumulative GPA in each area of concentration (or the entire thematic) shown on your MdS Program Approval Form

To qualify for either a degree with distinction or a degree with honors, a student must have completed 60 or more semester credits at the University of Minnesota, in addition to meeting all other GPA and program requirements. 

Contact your advisor if you have any questions.