Are you looking for high-quality courses that are offered throughout the year? Would you like to share intellectually stimulating social, cultural, and volunteer opportunities with a community of dedicated lifelong learners such as yourself? Look no further! OLLI at the University of Minnesota offers all these things and more.

Curious? Want to see what all the happy “fuss” is about? You're in the right place!

On August 11, 2022, the OLLI Sampler highlighted the wealth of activities OLLI has to offer, including access to a vibrant roster of online and in-person courses that feature a range of topics and approaches to learning, as well as special interest groups, field trips, study tours, and volunteer opportunities.

Best yet, we recorded the event! So grab a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn and take a seat on the sofa or porch swing. The OLLI Sampler includes information about becoming a member and introductions to three fall courses: China in the Cold War with Ted Farmer, Is a Portfolio Life in Your Future? with George Dow, and Applying Music Therapy in Tele-Health with Yue Wu.

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Sampler Highlights

China in the Cold War 

color portrait of Ted Farmer standing in front of bookcase

Mao Zedong’s establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 did not end the Chinese civil war. Thanks to the intervention of United States, the Nationalist Republic of China survived on the island of Taiwan. Over the next three decades these two Leninist dictatorships developed in starkly different directions. Learn how these histories are interconnected.

Ted Farmer (PhD, Harvard University), is professor emeritus of history and global studies at the University of Minnesota. His popular and engaging courses provide context for today’s issues while bringing history to life.

Is a Portfolio Life in Your Future? 

color headshot of George Dow

A full life weaves together many areas of life. Looking at retirement through a “portfolio” lens can help guide choices and ease the transition to a new lifestyle. Learn how to organize your retirement life in a positive and intentional way by exploring working (in the manner and form you prefer), earning and self–development, giving back, healthy living, and personal pursuits and leisure—all as a means to build and sustain a successful and satisfying retirement.

George Dow spent his career coaching executives as they transitioned into new careers and lives. His insights are drawn from the experiences of thousands of people as they navigated new opportunities and challenges in the workplace and beyond.

Applying Music in Tele-Health

color portrait of Yue Wu

Music therapy is a powerful tool in healthcare. Even when delivered virtually, music therapy can make a difference. Learn how children with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have benefited from music therapy, and sparked curiosity, compassion, and innovation in the field.

Yue Wu is a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Minnesota Medical School. She is a gifted researcher and popular OLLI Scholar.


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