Portrait of Al Kean
Chief Engineer, Retired
Board of Water and Soil and Resources

Al Kean has been the consummate professional in his over 40-year career. He started as a hydraulic engineer at the US Army Corps of Engineers and then served as chief engineer at the Board of Water and Soil and Resources from 1992 until his retirement in 2019. In addition to overseeing numerous water resource protection projects across the state, he led the Minnesota Drainage Work Group and made major contributions to the Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee for the Red River Flood Damage Reduction Work Group.

Al has guided many young engineers and hydrologists, always ready to listen and offer thoughtful guidance when asked. Many professionals and policy makers relied on him to gain an understanding of water resource problems in order to make effective management decisions. Al’s tireless dedication to his craft and unmatched work ethic were an inspiration to all and leave a lasting legacy to the understanding, appreciation, and protection of Minnesota’s water resources.