Associate Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

CoordinatesPhysics by Inquiry

Dr. Bhaskar Upadhyay is an associate professor of science education in the STEM Program, Department of Curriculum and Instruction. He has taught physics both at the K-12 level and also at the university level for more than 12 years. He taught Physics by Inquiry for three years at the University of Texas at Austin as an assistant instructor. Currently, he teaches graduate-level courses in elementary and secondary science teacher licensure and doctoral programs. His research focuses on how science, including physics, could be taught in a more engaging way so students better understand science and make it part of their everyday activities. He is also working with middle and high school teachers, through a National Science Foundation grant, to understand the physics of air particle monitors and use them to monitor classroom air quality to predict the health effects of air pollutants. He believes that learning physics is fun and valuable to all youths and adults.