Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel

Coordinates: Creative Problem Solving [Pilot Phase]

Brad Hokanson is a professor of Design at the University of Minnesota. He has a diverse academic record, including degrees in art (Carleton), architecture (Minnesota), urban design (Harvard), and received his PhD in Instructional Technology from the University of Minnesota.

He teaches in the area of creative problem solving and has published research in the fields of creativity and educational technology. He won his college's awards for outstanding teaching in 2002 and 2008, and served as the Mertie Buckman Professor of Design Education from 2016–2021. His most recent book on the development of creativity is Developing Creative Thinking in Learners. He is currently the Director of Graduate Studies.

He served as President of the Association of Educational Communication and Technology in 2017 and as Interim President in 2020. Visits to Buenos Aires, when possible, support his Argentine tango habit.

He has recently completed research on the relationship between creativity and achievement in school children, comparing measured creativity with standardized achievement scores. He is now running his fourth massive online course on creativity for the University of Minnesota with an enrollment of over 212,000. Two previous courses each enrolled over 52,000 learners.