Portrait of Bruce Montgomery
Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Retired

Bruce Montgomery has made singular contributions to address agricultural effects on water resources. Starting as the sole employee of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Fertilizer Management Section in 1990, Bruce had raised the program to national prominence by the time he retired in 2018. Known for his ability to share his knowledge in a clear and engaging manner, he is a strong advocate of a science-based approach to problem solving. He played a key role in developing several programs including the Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan and the Manure Testing Laboratory Certification Program.

Bruce has helped shape the careers of countless professionals within and beyond Minnesota. In a technical field that tends to be male-dominated, Bruce managed a team of nearly 40% women. Many of his team members continue to rise in positions of leadership, continuing his legacy of science-based decision making and professionalism. Those who have worked for and with Bruce are grateful for his vision, skills, commitment, support, and mentorship.