Huldah Gronvall

MS, structural engineering and BS, mathematical physics, University of Wisconsin

Huldah Gronvall, PE, is a project executive at Life Time Property Development in Chanhassen. Her role entails collaboration between Real Estate & Development, Design, and Construction, where she oversees a project from early conception until grand opening. Huldah started her career in Washington, DC, doing project management for a design-build firm, Opus. She then went on to do business development and design consulting for a light-gauge steel subcontractor, Infinity Structures. From 2013 to 2018, she managed the construction of large multi-family projects for CBG Building Company, managing project schedules, design-build processes, 3D BIM coordination, subcontracts, financials, and documents.

  • CMGT 3001W – Introduction to Construction
  • CMGT 4022 − Construction Estimating
  • CMGT 4422 – Advanced Construction Cost Estimating
  • CMGT 4545 – Materials & Structures II