Lynda Flores
Director, Human Resources

Self proclaimed adventurer, world traveler, and lover of most humans. As an avid dabbler in the arts, such as free style dance in the club or leading a Zumba class at the local fitness club, she is known to cut a rug. She is also a writer, especially of poetry, which she publishes in her daily journal.

Lynda started her early career serving her country through the Army National Guard/Reserve where she was able to test her winter survival skills in Norway only to learn that cold adventure really wasn't her thing. Funny considering she was born, raised, and resides in MN. Never to fear though as Honduras, which is/was usually warm, is where she next served her country through the Peace Corps. This is where she met the love of her life. Side note-very much an adventure; however, not part of the plan at all.

Lynda next worked in the manufacturing industry for many years ... we won't say exactly how many, for several companies as their HR and EHS Manager.

Lynda earned her Senior Professional Human Resources certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute in January 2011. She earned her undergraduate degree at UW-RF/Hunter College and graduate degrees from Concordia University Saint Paul. As a curious soul, interested in learning about the world and especially people, she is pleased to be part of CCAPS and amongst amazingly talented professional lifelong learners.