Uriah Giordana

MBA, University of Phoenix; BBA, management, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Uriah has held consulting, leadership, and management roles inside software, telecommunications, and solar energy industries since 2005. In 2012, he cofounded SKYWISE Communications, a local business specializing in residential and commercial internet and TV. Uriah currently works at Capitalize Consulting helping finance and accounting clients implement software to automate cumbersome processes. His areas of expertise are motivating and coaching high-performance teams, managing strategic partnerships, and leading go-to-market strategy. Uriah values flexible routines, careful prioritization, and carving time for life’s most important milestones.

  • ABUS 3052 – Career Building in the Remote Gig Economy
  • ABUS 4104 – Management and Human Resources Practices
  • ABUS 4151 – Innovation for Leaders and Organizations