Yvonne Kinney

"As a consultant, stories from real-life organization and leader interactions provide a great convergence of learning theories, frameworks, and critical information about leadership as well as hearing how situations play out in a work environment."

Dr. Yvonne Kinney has over 20 years of consulting experience as an executive coach. Her passion is the study of people: work behavior (performance of tasks) and work settings to understand how behavior can be influenced, changed, and enhanced to benefit both employees and organizations. She is known for turning dysfunction into function. She is skilled in challenging leaders to look at issues from different angles and discover their own solutions to reclaim their stake in the future. Her clients span manufacturing, health care, retail, and financial and professional services. She has certifications and accreditations from recognized global executive coaching organizations.

Dr. Kinney earned her PhD in business psychology/organizational consulting and Certificate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology; an MA in leadership from Augsburg University; and a BS in business management from St. Cloud State University. She teaches:

  • HSM 4041 – Leadership in Health Services Management