A recap of Dr. Kristen Mark's talk with Dan Savage

The real attraction at Blackstack Brewing last month wasn’t the beer. It was the speakers on the makeshift stage: Dr. Kristen Mark, Director of Graduate Studies for the MPS in Sexual Health and the graduate certificates in Sex Therapy and Human Sexuality, and Dan Savage, renowned author, journalist, and LGBTQIA activist. The two ushered in the first in a series of Sex Science Happy Hours.

During these sessions, held at bars and brewpubs around the Twin Cities, Dr. Mark talks to a variety of experts about sex, gender, relationships, science, and politics, and how they intersect.

Dr. Kristen Mark, Dan Savage, and Dr. Eli Coleman
Dr. Kristen Mark, Dan Savage, and Dr. Eli Coleman, Director and Chair, Institute for Sexual and Gender Health

September’s inaugural sold-out event featured Dan Savage. Although not a scientist himself, Savage’s work has been greatly informed by sex research as his own development as a writer, advice columnist, and podcaster has evolved.

Savage started his career as a sex advice columnist in Seattle in 1990. His goal then was to simply talk about sex using the language that we use behind closed doors, with our friends. He claims he did not set out to destigmatize anything, but his column, Savage Love, introduced many people to gay issues who otherwise wouldn’t read about them. 

In the Q&A with Dr. Mark, Savage addressed monogamy, sex education, the importance of communication, and his own personal growth and relationships. He stayed afterward for photos and to sign copies of his latest book, a free gift for attendees, Savage Love from A to Z.

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Photos courtesy of Tim Rummelhoff.