Celebrating 20 Years

The University of Minnesota's Construction Management program celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The program has undergone many changes over the years, all the while educating leaders in the construction industry. Since the program opened its doors for enrollment in 1997, more than 12,000 registrations in CMGT classes are on record. Today it's still going strong, and it continues to adapt in order to fit the needs of the industry—in Minnesota and beyond. Below are some important Construction Management program milestones.

Cumulative totals for credentials granted 1998−2016:

  • BCM: 5 (all 5 BCM admits graduated)
  • BASc.: 334
  • Certificate: 66
  • ICP Construction Management Track: 16

Construction Management Milestones


The CMGT major is officially “on the books” as the Bachelor of Construction Management, or BCM, offered through University College (a former college name for CCAPS).


The first five students are admitted to the BCM (James Bystrzycki, Todd Wolff, Michael Horan, Wesley “Bill” Scherling, and Kyle Hagness).


Construction Management minor is added. In the spring of 1999, the first BCM graduates (James Bystrzycki and Todd Wolff) complete the program. In the fall 1999, the program sees one BCM grad (Wesley “Bill” Scherling).


In fall semester, CCAPS launches the Bachelor of Applied Science Program (BAS). The BCM becomes one of its components, but the BCM degree designator is dropped. The degree is now one of the Bachelor of Applied Science degrees (BASc.).


Ann Johnson becomes faculty director, taking over from David Grimsrud.


The Construction Management Certificate is added.


Peter Hilger is awarded the CCAPS Distinguished Educator Award and donates the financial stipend to create the first Construction Management Scholarship Fund.

Peter Hilger joins Ann Johnson as faculty codirector.


Four formal CMGT tracks become official: Commercial, Highway/Heavy, Residential, and Facility Management (FM). IFMA (International Facility Management Organization) grants provisional accreditation for the FM track.


The first Facility Management courses are offered.


The first study abroad program to Costa Rica is initiated, bringing six students to San Ramon for two weeks to develop proposals and work in the field.

ACCE (American Council for Construction Education) grants five-year accreditation. The curriculum is adjusted to meet ACCE demands, most notably the addition of construction science. Learning outcome-based assessments are developed.

The Alumni Club is chartered in October 2014 by Andrew Ramirez (ʼ09), President; Marcus Hulmer (ʼ09) Vice President, John Silva (ʼ08) Board; Ann Jacklitch (ʼ11) Board, and John Mullaney (ʼ15) as student representative.

The first Facility Management students become graduates: Ann Jacklitch (ʼ14) and Conor Thornton (ʼ14).


Ann Johnson steps down as faculty codirector; Peter Hilger assumes faculty director role.

Peter Hilger receives the Morse-Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Award. Hilger uses the financial stipend from the award to seed and partially endow the Hilger Leadership Award scholarship.


Thirty courses are offered, and a total of 115 students are admitted to one of the three credentials. The CMGT program also sees continued growth in endowed scholarships. There is an expanding interest from industry constituency in CMGT program and students.