Mindful Leadership Presence

Are you aware of how you are showing up with your direct reports, support staff, clients, and other stakeholders? Do you know how they perceive you?

Most professionals and managers will likely agree that "leadership presence” is a desirable trait in leaders, something you wish to possess. Leadership presence is indeed known to elevate your relationships within and outside your organization and it increases your chances of delivering results and of being successful. What does mindful leadership presence look like and what are its components?

Leadership presence is not a checklist, template, or one-size-fits-all. It’s personal, it’s influenced by your context, and it’s a journey. This webinar addresses proven and practical ways for you to strengthen your leadership presence.

During this webinar we learned:

  • how to maximize strong first impressions and convey confidence in a mindful manner.
  • how credibility, humility, and ego contribute to a strong, mindful leadership presence.
  • how clear and confident communication supports a strong personal presence.

Webinar presenter Carolien Moors, M.Psych and M.Ed., applies psychology and business insights to challenges faced by leaders, teams, and individuals in a variety of industries and nonprofits including manufacturing, food, health care, steel, energy, education, and hospitality. She has worked as an organizational consultant, coach, and speaker for companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United States for more than 30 years. 

Presented May 18, 2022.

Webinar Takeaways

What is mindful leadership presence and what are its components? 

  • Mindful
    • being in the moment here and now, with full focus on awareness and with little judgment
    • moment by moment awareness of your energy
  • Leadership
    • helping others be successful and guiding others through times of developments, especially hard times 
    • making hard decisions that impact others
  • Presence - how we present ourselves
    • our personality
    • how we carry ourselves into a room, and how we present our ideas, which can be vary, depending on whether we’re in one-on-one interactions or large groups, in-person or virtual 
Circular diagram of Mindful Leadership Presence: Attitude, Attention, Intention

Mindful Leadership Presence: elevates every relationship by being present in the moment 

  • Set an intention
  • Be fully present
  • Remain open and nonjudgmental
  • Relate to others with compassion

Mindful communication: delivering thoughtful, effective messages and responding to people in a thoughtful manner with your leadership superpowers

  • Leadership Superpower 1: Listening
    • Are you truly listening or are you waiting to speak, prove, defend, position, disprove?
    • Are you trying to be right or working to get it right?
  • Leadership Superpower 2: Curiosity 
    • Interest in the person, their thought processes, their needs
    • Sensing the limits of your current knowledge and exploring what you don’t know
    • Asking meaningful questions to learn more and help the person think more and differently.