Muhammad Jiwa

With an Inter-College Program (ICP) major in wildlife science, whole systems healing, and sustainability studies, it's evident that Muhammad Jiwa’s studies have been varied, to say the least. Jiwa is interested in everything from eco-friendly buildings and biomimicry, to working for nonprofits and launching multiple businesses, while ultimately returning to exotic animal veterinary school. This summer he’s reaching out to Twin Cities-area mosques to incorporate environmental studies into the Sunday school curriculum for children, hoping, he says, to inspire youth in how they approach the concerns of their time.

How do you see yourself having an impact on the world?
By shifting the paradigms of society on nature and the environment. I am going to use my skills … along with my world experience to engage in conversations and make positive change both nationally and internationally.

How has your education helped to prepare you?
The U helped me a tremendous amount with being prepared for the world’s challenges… Everything is interconnected, and reaching across different disciplines can go a long way toward creating changes that are longer lasting and further reaching. Having a well-rounded education helps in connecting more dots.

What’s most exciting about graduating?
I’m excited to start making a positive change in the world—socially, environmentally, and economically.

Did anything about college surprise you?
I was always told that I was “overthinking it”… [I’ve come to realize] that I am not overthinking it—I’m just a researcher/scientist at heart.