A Message from CCAPS Dean Bob Stine

I originally had a piece titled “Positives from a Pandemic” written for this newsletter, explaining how we transitioned rapidly and successfully to remote learning and helped students complete the semester. We have stories about our students, our graduates, and other CCAPS news elsewhere in the newsletter and on our website

Those plans were changed by the tragic and sobering events of the past few weeks, starting with the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police and followed by days of protest seeking justice and systemic change. I join President Gabel and many others in condemning the senseless death of Mr. Floyd, recognizing this is just one of many similar incidents. We are all heartbroken.

I want to assure you that the College is committed to addressing the challenges of racism, privilege, and the resulting inequities. We know it is hard work. We know it will be a long journey, and we know at times it will be uncomfortable. We all have much to learn, and we will not back down.

When talking about the pandemic, many of us have said or heard “things will not be the same when this is over.” When thinking about the injustice displayed by the killing of yet another Black person, our stand must be “things cannot be the same moving forward.” 

If you are seeking ways to be part of the solution, our Office for Equity and Diversity offers some good places to start. The University of Minnesota Alumni Association, in partnership with the Black Alumni Network and the Multicultural Alumni Network, has also listed several organizations that need assistance, whether through your time, expertise, or financial contributions. I encourage you to join us in creating a more just and inclusive world. Connect with us and let us know what you are doing, and how we can help.

Thank you.

Bob Stine, CCAPS Dean