Dean Bob Stine: Hello, CCAPS graduates! On behalf of your instructors, your advisors, and the entire staff in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, I'm pleased to honor you with heartfelt and sincere congratulations on your well-deserved success. Hail to thee!

Commencement is a time to reflect on the path that got you here and to dream about the possibilities of the future. It's also a time to thank all of those who helped you arrive at this moment, and that list can be pretty long. Your parents and grandparents, your spouse or partner, perhaps your children. And for some of you, even your grandchildren. Other family members, your friends, and your peers. Even in times of social distancing it still takes a village to accomplish most of our goals. So I join you in thanking and honoring your supporters.

Completion of your degree signifies both an ending and a beginning, and we're naturally compelled to seek togetherness to celebrate such a major milestone. I know this is not the commitment ceremony any of us anticipated. So, while we cannot do it in the traditional way this year, I want you to know that CCAPS faculty and staff are extremely proud of what you have accomplished. Completing your degree is a significant achievement. All your hard work has led to this moment and you should savor it.

I'm inspired by the spirit I've seen in this graduating class. The determination to work hard, to remain positive, to imagine bold solutions, and to look forward even in the midst of uncertainty.

Your future is bright and we're excited to see what you do with it.

Congratulations CCAPS graduating class of 2020! You did it! Hail to thee!