Mary Nichols, CCAPS Dean: Hi there, I'm Dean Mary Nichols and I have some exciting news to share. Our College name, formerly the College of Continuing Education, has changed to the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, or CCAPS for short. 

Why the change?

Mary: We made this change because this name better reflects the range of professional programs that we offer, and of professionals who come back seeking applied degrees, professional degrees, credentials, professional development courses, and other coursework and learning to advance their careers. This name better resonates with that audience.

Why add the words “Professional Studies”?

Mary: The words "professional studies" are consistent with the degrees, certificates, courses, and conferences that we offer through CCAPS for our audiences.

Are you changing what you do?

Mary: With our name change, our mission and values don't change. Our commitment to our learners remains the same. We feel the new name better reflects our mission.

Why is the change happening now?

Mary: We're making this change now because, now more than ever, we find ourselves tuned to the changing needs of the workplace of employers, and the changing interests of students, and the professionals that are seeking to continue their education and advance their careers through the University.

What makes you excited about this change?

Mary: It's exciting to me because it's an opportunity to start a fresh chapter in a long, continuing story and connect with our audiences and communicate our continued commitment to meeting their interests and serving their needs.

Thank you for your involvement and support over the years, and we look forward to continuing to work with you as the College of Continuing and Professional Studies.