Finally, conversations are generally short. If you go too deep too quickly, it may get awkward. Small talk may be two minutes only or it could last much longer, but conversations may be much shorter in the US than in your country. Otherwise almost all exits are short and sweet in the United States. Your kind tone of voice is more important than the length of the exit. Here are some convenient exits that are not rude. Practice using them.

  • It’s been great talking to you. 
  • I have to run and catch a bus. 
  • Excuse me, I’m going to grab some water before class. It was very nice meeting you. 
  • I gotta go. (I need to go.) See you. 
  • Well/Anyway, it was good to see you. 
  • See you around/later. 
  • We’d better get back to class. 
  • I should get going.