Applied. Individualized. Professional. 

1,000 students pursue individual, professional, and applied degree programs each year. 

10,000 alumni of degree programs. 60% live and work in Minnesota. 


Accessible. Collaborative. 

10,000 high school students enroll in University-level courses either on campus or in their high schools. 

2,700 students access U of M courses for academic preparation or professional development each year. 

200 international students enroll in the Intensive English Program each year. 


Smart. Lifelong. 

131 online or blended courses, 138 academic departments represented, 80 personal enrichment opportunities, 200 professional development courses, and 40 partnerships with employers to develop customized learning for employees. 

25,000 professionals gain University and industry knowledge at 200 conferences each year, presented as a result of collaboration between University faculty, industry, and government. 

60,000 lifelong learners attend events and courses at the Continuing Education and Conference Center each year. 


Supportive. Attuned. Connected. 

30,000 conversations are held each year between dedicated learner representatives and inquiring students. 

$300,000 from generous donors is awarded to students through 250 scholarships each year. 

150 advisory board members and partners are consulted to ensure that programs are attuned to current workplace needs and competencies. 


For over 100 years, the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) has empowered learners of all ages and walks of life to pursue knowledge, gain experience, and see the world in new ways.