MELP Talks Back: Where do you like to eat around campus? 

Student 1: I'm not good at cooking, so it's better for me to go outside and go to the restaurant. 

Student 2: I love to go to restaurants and discover more food.

Student 3: I would go to every restaurant that has pizza, and I would try them. The pizza here is really awesome! Like mac 'n' cheese and nacho pizza, so, and they're really good.

Student 4: Actually, I like every American food.

Student 1: Usually I go to chicken fingers!

Student 5: Burgers. Pizza.

Student 6: I like to eat burrito, so there is a Chipotle, one of the best restaurant in the campus.

Student 7: I love Chinese restaurant like Pagoda and Panda.

Student 8: Especially Panda! I go to Panda and get some food. It's delicious!

Student 9: I met new friends from different culture and then introduced me to their food.

Student 2: Chinese food, Japanese food.

Student 10: Italian!

Student 11: Indian cuisine. 

Student 10: Also I love my traditional food in Mexico.

Student 12: I like the Middle-Eastern food, actually.

Various Students: Especially Wally's. Wally's, of course. Wally's! Obviously Wally's, in Dinkytown.

Student 13: Rice and chicken, and chicken shawarma, and hummus and falafel.

Student 3:  You know without thinking twice I would go find a restaurant.

Various Students: I like food so much. I like to eat everything!