Bob Stine, Interim Dean, College of Continuing and Professional Studies: Hello everyone in the CCAPS community, and an especially warm shout-out to all of this year's scholarship recipients and to all our generous donors who make the scholarships possible. You are special people, and I wish I could be greeting you in person rather than by video. Well, hopefully that will happen next year.

As you know, or are learning, earning a degree, regardless of the major, isn't easy. It takes dedication, focus, and tenacity to stay committed to the end. This has always been true, and it's especially true now with the added challenges the coronavirus pandemic brings to every aspect of our lives. While the late nights of studying and the new concepts being absorbed are a lot to balance in and of themselves, the added stress of tuition payments can sometimes feel overwhelming. Without the scholarships our donors helped fund, CCAPS students would be faced with one more concern to manage. This is where the financial support of donors has a powerful impact. The more we support students  financially as they pursue their degrees, the more they can focus on learning and creating positive change in the classroom and beyond.

Donors, the entire CCAPS community thanks you for your generosity and the financial support you provide. I know I speak for our students when I say that your contributions change lives for the better and enable our amazing students to excel.

To you who are scholarship recipients, congratulations on your hard work and ambition. I know I speak for our donors when I say that we're proud of everything you've accomplished so far. We look forward to all the great things you'll do next at CCAPS and in your careers. My thanks to all of you for making a difference. Take care and stay well.