Introducing Stackable Credentials at the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, a new way to make graduate-level coursework work for you.

The stackable credential model takes a typical graduate degree and breaks it down: You can start as small as a single course. If it feels like the right fit, you can apply that course towards a 12-credit University of Minnesota graduate certificate, and an instant boost to your resume.

You can stop after one certificate. Or if you want to continue, you can either earn the second certificate by itself or the second certificate AND the master's degree. To complete the master’s degree, you’ll take a set of courses that integrates material from both certificates.

Stackable credentials provide the best of both worlds—there's no need to commit to a full master’s degree right away, but your work counts towards one if you decide to go that route. And either way you'll be gaining a valuable U of M credential.

If you want to learn more about our first stackable credential in science leadership, or any other graduate program at the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, let’s connect and have a conversation!